Potensi Fungi Endofit Biji Pinang Sebagai Antibakteri Terhadap Escherichia coli dan Salmonella thypi


Siska Nuryanti
Risma Astuti


Endophyte fungi are microbe that living inside the plant tissue without harming the host plant. Endophyte fungi can produce secondary metabolite which can be used as antioxidant, anticancer and antimicobes compound. The aims of this study are to isolate and identify endophyte fungi from seed of Areca catechu L  which is potential as an antibacterial producer. Antibacterial activity testing method used in this study is thin layer chromatography (TLC) bioautography method.  In this work we had isolated five endophyte fungi from  Areca catechu L. seed and investigated its antibacterial properties. Isolates IFBP_1 has the greatest antibacterial activity againts Escherichia coli dan Salmonella thypi. Areca catechu L  seed endophyte fungi can inhibit Escherichia coli bacteria with Rf values 0.45, 0.65 and 0.92, and Salmonella thypi bacteria with Rf values  0.61 and 0.85.  Identification of the chemical components Areca catechu L  seed endophyte fungi that inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli and Salmonella thypi are alkaloid, tannin, and polyphenol compounds. This result suggest that endophyte fungi isolates from seed of Areca catechu L. can be further explored as new sources of antibacterial compounds