Ekspresi Gen P53 Pada Pterigium Primer Dan Pterigium Rekuren


Ratih Natasha
Sitti Rukiyah Syawal
Halimah Pagarra
Arifin Seweng


The purpose of the present study was to identify  and  compare the mutant P53 expression in primary and recurrent pterygium. The method of the study was observational analytic cross- sectional study with 19 samples of primary pterygium and 19 samples recurrent pterygium. Data obtained with pterygium tissue sampling then performed with immunohistochemical examination. Results The Study was conducted for 5 month with 19 samples of primary pterygium and 19 samples of recurrent pterygium. From the overall data shown that P53 expression of primary and recurrent pterygium average 191.6 while there is 38.3 for primary pterygium and 344.8 for recurrent pterygium.  There were significant differences between the expression of P53 of primary and P53 expression of recurrent pterygium with (P = 0.000). Conclusions is There was no significant difference in the mean expression of P53 according to the stage of pterygium although there was a tendency of P53 expression of getting smaller with increasing stage of pterygium.