Risk Factors Typhoid Fever Incidence at Lau Health Center, Lau District, Maros Regency in 2021


Rosdiana Rosdiana
Hasta Handayani Idrus
Febie Irsandy Syahruddin
Andi Kartini Eka Yanti
Arina Fathiyyah Arifin


Background: Typhoid fever is disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi  genus Salmonella. Until now, disease fever typhoid still is problem health in tropical countries including Indonesia. Knowing risk factor incident fever Typhoid at the Lau Public Health Center, Lau district, Maros regency in 2021

Method: Research type analytic observational with case control design. The data analysis technique uses the chi-square statistical test.

Results: Typhoid Fever mostly found in the age 11-19 years as many as 21 people ( P-value 0.049), gender obtained that the most in men as many as 22 people ( P-value 0.014), level primary school education is obtained as many as 14 people ( P-value 0.07), habit wash hand before eat less good obtained as many as 17 people ( P-value 0.044), habit wash hand after less CHAPTER good obtained as many as 19 people ( P-value 0.013), habit eat / snack outside house obtained as many as 23 people ( P-value 0.026), habit wash ingredients food less raw good obtained as many as 18 people ( P-value 0.046) and sanitation less environment good obtained as many as 25 people P-value 0.041) .

Conclusion: Based on results study concluded that on the variable age , gender , education , habits wash hand before eat , habit wash hand after defecation, habit eat / snack outside home , custom wash ingredients food raw and sanitary environment own connection with factor risk incident fever typhoid in the health center lau districts lau districts maros year 2021.