A New Case of Tuberculosis Disease Management through Family Medicine Approach


Burhanuddin Bahar
Rachmat Faisal Syamsu
Siska Ulandari


Tuberculosis is still a threat to public health in Indonesia. Based on WHO, TBC Report 2020, TBC Case in Indonesia in 2019 is estimated at 845,000 cases with the incidence of 312 per 100,000 population, so Indonesia be the second largest TBC cases of the world after India. The family's input approach provides holistic treatment by improving family functions.

The Primary data was obtained through anamnesis (Autoanamnesis), physical examination and home visits to assess the home condition and relation with the family. The secondary data were obtained from the patient's medical record in Hospital. Assessment is based on the holistic diagnostic. The result is presented in the case report. The patient who has a functional degree 1 with tuberculosis has an internal risk factor that does not pay attention to the initial complaints so the complaints increase weight, patient awareness efforts in avoiding risk factors and lack of knowledge of the disease. As for External risk factors are the lack of Family knowledge about the disease and home environment which is so close to the farm. Then do educate the patient and family about drugs that should he consume and eat right, side effect of the drugs and changes in his lifestyle. After the evaluation is compliance in taking medicine and do healthy lifestyle. The complex clinical activities take a long time and cooperation between health family workers. Where officers not only resolve the patient's clinical issues but also seek and provide solutions to problems - the problems in an environment affecting the health of patients and families.



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